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Welcome to the world of lifelong learning, the website of Govt. College .Palera Dict .Tikamgarh. The Govt. College .Palera Dict .Tikamgarh is one of the  institutions in Palera , to which it is affiliated with Dr. Hari Singh Gour Sagar University. It offers different  educational course  for continuing professional development, and thorough knowledge improvement with high quality delivery of sessions.

View of the Govt. College .Palera Dict .Tikamgarh is a long tradition of educating high quality teachers to cover the full range of educational provision in the local area, and of further supporting them during their career. We hope that you find our website interesting and informative. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us or mail us.


The Prime Motto of the trust is to develop multipurpose and socially useful creative activities for the economically and educationally weak tribal and other people of the area. The secondary motto is to encourage and exhilarate the youth welfare activities like cultural, athletic, tourism, local art of the young generation at the optimum level.


1. To Achieve Excellence in Education.
2. To launch novel programs for youth, old and uneducated people.
3. To provide clean, enriching, Eco friendly Environment to our students.
4. To set up a huge library for the students, which will remain open for the whole day.
5. We are committed to make our students, better global citizens of tomorrow.


The vision of the Trust is to create an atmosphere different associated area of the tribal and other population covering by the Trust. The Trust aims to have a long termed program like school level education, Hospital, Small scale cottage industries at the co-operative base and to maintain them.