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Government degree college Jatara  is one of the best institution of higher education in Tikamgarh . It has the rare distinctions of having completed twenty four years of itís inception in 1984 . This college has been  serving the cause of education of Jatara state  of  Tikamgarh  .

The college was started on 01 november  1984  as the government college . first collegeís building was situated  near bus stand in Jatara .now  the college  is locatted at Tikamgarh road , near Bairwar Tiraha , Jatara  dist- Tikamgarh in M.P.  College is officiated to Dr. Hari Singh Gour vishwavidyalaya , Sagar  . The college offers undergraduate course in Arts

Aims of Education:-

The  aims of education,as perceived by different components of the social system, would be different the governmentís perception  would be to make the young  law Ėabiding and useful citizens and infuse  in them a sense of satisfaction in working for the  betterment of fellow  human beings. The  parentís perception would be to make their children learn to follow a useful  vocation . The perception of the children would be to learn what  is worth learning so that  they can live  peacefully in the community . The perception of the teachers would be to teach the student what would  be useful  and how to decide what  is to  be learnt and also to kindle interest in the young in continuing to learn throughout their life .There is no contradiction among there different Perceptions. Each lays stress on a particular aspect of Education , each supplements the other.A good  Educational system will satisfy all there requirements.

Unfortunately, since independence. too  much stress has been laid on learning for a vocation, at the cost of other aims of education .In the name of upgrading and updating , the young are loaded with information with practically no time to reflect and assimilate what was learnt .This has resulted in creating aversion , instead of love , for information and knowledge . There as also an unconscious effort to drop from the curriculum all that is relevant to make the young law-abiding citizens.


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